Let’s Revisit the days of yore!

Hi guys,

I know I owe you the birthday gist and pictures…..watch this space.

I woke up this morning and saw this simple but powerful write up and decided to share.

Let’s be wise and set our priorities right. The situation has become so bad that on my birthday, I got ONLY two text messages and very few calls. PS…the calls where from older people and not even from my generation…..lol. Not that I’m complaining,but I think we have lost touch of the really important things in life thanks to social media.

For me,calls and text messages go a long way than having over two thousand followers on facebook,twitter,BBM and all the others write a happy birthday wish and simply click on ‘send to all’.

Stop baring your whole life on these media because at a point, you will only get frustrated. I remember a story I heard on the radio about a girl that continuously got emails and bad comments about how ugly she looked. She got these mails from her teenage years and instead of shoving the messages away or giving out a cry for help,she took her own life. I asked myself why? I couldn’t come up with an answer.

Let’s revisit the days of yore today!You are in a relationship now, please don’t update it on facebook because it changes nothing. You want to say hi to a friend, why not give the person a call today. You do not have air time for a call, send a text message today.
Trust me, you will make a lot of people smile today
Love you guys……xoxo

Posh 953

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About posh953

I'm a jovial and lovable girl who loves Jesus,Music,David Beckham and Decent Fashion.I'm a systems engineering graduate from the University of Lagos,Nigeria.
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