Girl Talk……

Some girls will raise their legs up when their mum is sweeping but go to their boyfriend’s house and form environmental sanitation. When they visit… they will sweep dirty floors, pick up smelly boxers, go to market on okada in the hot blazing sun to buy foodstuffs and also do a bit of washing.
I think its ridiculous and spells DESPERATE when ladies do all that especially when its not in their character and they never lift a finger at home. Some ladies are naturally messy and won’t do their own laundry but won’t hesitate to clean up after their boyfriend just because they want to please and be seen as ‘wife material’.


My advice to single ladies…..

1. Dont be deceived, there’s nothing like WIFE MATERIAL. Are you Hollandis or Kiente? I have seen lots of women with very bad character, who are ‘lazy’ and all but they have people that marry them. Dont pretend just to win a man, a man who is ready to settle down always knows what he wants and a house help is not one of them.

2. Cleaning or taking care of his whole family (while ignoring yours), attending all their owambe family parties to cook, wash pots and serve will not create chemistry, biology or even physics in your relationship.

3. Don’t spend your ‘together time’ playing ‘me time’ cleaning his kitchen, bathroom or washing his clothes when you should actually be doing inspector gadget and getting to know the real him.

4. Don’t go out of your way to please any man. Be yourself. The man who wants to marry you will marry you whether you cook, clean or wash. Let him be the one to go the extra mile to win your heart, because after marriage – no more winning of heart o. That’s where you will take over.

Until you are his wife, you are not!

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About posh953

I'm a jovial and lovable girl who loves Jesus,Music,David Beckham and Decent Fashion.I'm a systems engineering graduate from the University of Lagos,Nigeria.
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