7 Reasons why men actually get married


Hi dearies….hope your day went well? Ok,so I was thinking and this popped up with a little help from Tonex(a male specie)…..enjoy….xoxo


1. Life is just infinitely better when you can share all those special moments with someone else.

2. Guys want to be taken care of. Yes, men love to put on a tough, macho exterior but in reality, they all become huge babies when they get sick or hurt themselves. Having a little Florence Nightingale around to kiss them is pretty reassuring.

3. They hate cooking dinner and doing the laundry. While there is nothing I can write now that won’t attract a few hundred nasty comments to this post, I will add that I’m not saying women should do this or be forced to do it. But there are gender stereotypes for a reason. A woman is more homely though I think with understanding from both partners,the chores can be split because really,I don’t think a woman should be washing the car or doing the little plumbing jobs at home…..Now you dig me right?

 4. They need to protect someone. Just as women love having a “knight in shining armor” to protect them from all the bad things in this world, men just like doing the protecting. It’s the caveman gene in them.

5. Doesn’t matter if it’s at first site, in an elevator, or blind. Once a guy’s been bitten by the “love bug,” he can’t stop thinking about that special woman in his life. Suddenly he wants to spend every waking moment with her. Once it gets to the point that he literally aches inside when she’s gone, that’s when he knows the only way to stop that feeling is to dump her or get married.

6. It’s tough to beat a “sure thing.” Yep, there may be lots of jokes about long-married couples never doing it but regardless, guys see marriage as finally scoring the perfect, er, “score” card. No need to go out on the prowl, not when you’ve got a willing partner lying right beside you every night.

7. Marriage is the first step towards a family. It’s in all of their genes to procreate, which probably explains the drive many of them have to get married and have kids. Sadly, it doesn’t always work out that way in the end, but at the start, that picture-perfect future of a house, picket fence, two kids, and a dog can be very appealing to lots of guys.


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One Response to 7 Reasons why men actually get married

  1. aletheia says:

    yep……i kinda agree…i especially affirm to 2 4 & 7

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