A woman’s world……at least……..part of it *winks*

Hmmm…..I’m sitting on my bed pondering…. All I do is Wake up by 5am to wash
mom’s car and prepare her food for work,go back to bed after she leaves,wake up
again by 10 to prepare dad’s meal,pray,do the chores,eat,watch movies,play games,make calls,tweet,chat……

Ooops!Its now 6pm and mom’s due back. I stop to think for a second….hmmm…I’ve not had my bath and I’m looking scruffy and that means I’m in deep shit so I rush to the bathroom and take a quick shower and run down the stairs to wait for the car horn to sound. Ahhhh…dem no born me well to keep her waiting at the gate o if not I’m so dead. Yeah…I know what you are thinking…that’s ma mom for you….a disciplinarian…..an iron lady to the core. You don’t mess with her or do anyhow if not na anyhow you go see. 

Now…she drives in and I rush to greet her and pack her things in. This is the
moment where I have to stop for a second to read her mood. If its a good
one….wow….dat means my bread has been buttered and I can continue without
stress and be at ease BUT if its a bad one then I have to watch my back because
fire can come from anywhere at any time….*whew*..Lord have mercy!              

In the end…..the good thing about all this is the training I have gotten from being my mother’s child. I have learnt so much to know how to keep and manage a home all by myself whether I’m under pressure or not. Its a shame that most ladies out there get married and have problems keeping and managing their homes.

Its one of two things…..either yo momma was willing to teach you and you refused to learn or you weren’t even given the opportunity to learn. The first case……hmmmm…I could flog you right now for refusing to learn, knowing that you would become a woman
and wife of a home one day but I won’t because everyone makes mistakes and its
not too late to correct them! The second case….well….I cannot blame you because you never got the chance to learn.

Posh 953 is here to help. I’m going to give you very important tips on how to maintain and manage your home. Please dearies,these tips are not restricted to only married ladies….its for every girl,lady,wife,woman and mother.                                                
Watch this space for the concluding part……


About posh953

I'm a jovial and lovable girl who loves Jesus,Music,David Beckham and Decent Fashion.I'm a systems engineering graduate from the University of Lagos,Nigeria.
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