The US Elections and Nigerians…………..

The buzz about the US Elections is finally over but one would stop to wonder why most Nigerians took the matter personal. Some would call it ….’taking panadol for another man’s headache’. My mom went to bed late that night trying to analyze and count votes in Obama’s favour but had to go to bed because of her early rising the next day. She got the news early the next morning and shouted a big ‘AMEN’! We were all flabbergasted as to why she was so happy but then…this scene also played out in different homes and offices when President Obama was declared the winner.

I have been thinking about it and it has finally clicked……we Nigerians actually long for a rig free election,peaceful environment and leaders who are willing to make positive changes and not the other way round. Nigerians long for a President who can read an inspiring speech like Obama’s own and actually mean it. I asked myself why election days in Nigeria are always on Saturdays………..I answered myself by saying that if they were on weekdays,a public holiday would be declared which is totally unnecessary.If you listened to Mitt Romney’s concession speech,you would have realized that he was not ready or willing to go to an ‘Appeal Court’ to fight Obama because the results did not go his way. Instead,he acknowledged Obama’s fight for the presidency and every other person that stood by his side………..(His wife,Paul Ryan etc..),and said, ‘God bless America’…case closed!

I believe that its a good thing we are opportune to view these happenings around the world so that we can learn and try to make our country a better place.Its so amusing to see Nigerians giving testimonies about winning an American lottery…..things have to change for good!

Barack Obama has succeeded in becoming the American President for another four years….If He could….I believe YOU CAN!

Let’s help make Nigeria a better place…….Remember! It starts from you

God bless Nigeria and God bless America !



About posh953

I'm a jovial and lovable girl who loves Jesus,Music,David Beckham and Decent Fashion.I'm a systems engineering graduate from the University of Lagos,Nigeria.
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4 Responses to The US Elections and Nigerians…………..

  1. IGee says:

    True talk..Doh I disagree on smething- America has its own share of hypocrites in politics.D major difference between America and Nigeria is that they(Americans) shout deir praises out loud 4 everyone and even sometimes exaggerate their achievements, while downplaying their weaknesses. Nigeria on d whole, has the habit of publicising our weaknesses even to our own shame while little is said about our achievements and this is seen on TV, movies, social media, etc. Americans don’t joke with America as a brand and its high time Nigerians do the same. There’s been tremendous improvement(so I believe) in the conduct of elections in Nigeria.
    Even though we are not where we want to be, I think progress begins with protraying Nigeria’s postive ‘social image’ as against the faulty/negative one. Furthermore, I personally don’t consider the ‘American model’ to be the ideal standard. That’s why it’s superfluous to use America as a basis of comparison. Bottom line-just as you rightly pointed out, Nigerians should pay more attention to national growth instead getting preoccupied with other people’s business.

    • posh953 says:

      Very well said my friend.Nigerians should pay more attention to our own National growth and things will definitely change and become better.God bless Nigeria!Thanks IGee

  2. Myteerocks says:

    Nigerian the sleeping giants of africa… Who knows, we still might become world power one day. Well said posh, it begins with me and you.

  3. Myteerocks says:

    Nigeria the sleeping giants of africa… Who knows, we still might become world power one day. Well said posh, it begins with me and you.

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