I did not want to hear it anymore, not the wails again! Why would anyone be this heartless? I know I should not complain because it could be worse but being treated in this manner is just unfair!
We had not a meal in many nights and the cries of the little ones hurt me and this was a time I felt totally helpless. I had done my best to save scraps but that had finished ages ago….how was I to know it would be for this long.
Even in this cage with its beauty,I longed for freedom.My wife was doing a good job keeping the young ones in check but as I watched..I wandered..for how long?They are hungry,we are hungry,I am very hungry.
It was at that instant I saw a man..It just could not be! I knew every nook and cranny of this place and knew that we were alone so who is this man? He walked towards us. The others saw him and were as quiet as I was,wondering how he arrived. As He walked, I realized why they were quiet,He did noy look like any usual person because He was bright..very bright and He came looking really calm in our midst…with open arms.It was then I saw His smile,it was something no one could forget and I hope to take it to my grave. The young ones rushed towards Him in a manner I had seen only when they were very little. I saw Him get on His knees to hold them as He stooped embracing them. It was as if they had known Him for years.Getting up, He walked towards me, along with the young ones. I saw my wife walk towards me,as bewildered as I was.He stopped a few feet from us and beckoned to us. This was strange because we all forgot about our hunger…there was something about His presence which seemed to satisfy us.We moved towards Him and He said,’Do not be afraid for I am He! Shockingly,we understood His words and bowed in obeisance.He said He came to wait for a friend and to keep everyone company.I was like a child with Him.we all were children in His presence, and we loved it.There were so many things He told us about Himself while we waited for His friend to arrive. I wondered if His friend was just like Him and would arrive unexpectedly as He did.Indeed,His friend came and it was as spectacular as His kind.His friend bowed and brought forth tears when he saw Him among us.We all moved towards His friend who was bowing down and realized that as He touched him….he shone very brightly just like we did on contact with Him.We were all happy because nothing bothered us.As night time passed,in the brightest morning ever,we heard a voice crying,calling out repeatedly….His friend’s name.Our friend told His friend to reply back saying that all was well with him.He told His friend that it was time to leave and bade him farewell.It was a touching scene.Our friend also decided to leave us and told us He would always be there for us.As He left,my wife and the young ones cried and the pangs of hunger clawed in very quickly.Then we heard the door open again and ran to see if our friend decided to return.Alas….lots of people came in fear and were screaming and our hunger pangs reached its climax! Oh dear………………..By the way,the name our bright friend called His friend was DANIEL!

Curled from …Gaps spiritual collections volume 1 by Ayo


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I'm a jovial and lovable girl who loves Jesus,Music,David Beckham and Decent Fashion.I'm a systems engineering graduate from the University of Lagos,Nigeria.
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One Response to Miracles…

  1. posh953 says:

    Hi guys…..I love this story so much and I think that some people might find it hard to decipher so here’s the deal……….read it up and let’s know what you think. The first person to understand and explain it gets a free gift. Let’s do this people!

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