Breaking It Down

Hi dearies! Yayyyyyyyy……I’m  doing this finally. A place where I could express myself to the world and say ‘THIS IS ME’. Well for all those Disney fans…… I aint Demi Lovato so don’t get your hopes high yet.

My name is Ejayeta Jenny Imoh. I am the fourth of six(6) children…..five girls and one boy who happens to be the last……now you can understand why I was given my name because it simply means ‘Let them say’! Yer…you guessed right as per the fourth female child…….my parents didn’t give a hoot about what people said. Posh953 is a female systems engineering graduate from the University of Lagos and soon to be an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer…….Yes boss. Its called having bragging rights…ask Blaise. I love my Lord JESUS CHRIST and believe that HE died for me.

This is going to be so much fun because I can finally give out all that I have hidden in my diaries for so many years and trust me when I say that you lovely people are in for a jolly good ride. So be prepared ‘cos it starts now! Enjoy

With love



About posh953

I'm a jovial and lovable girl who loves Jesus,Music,David Beckham and Decent Fashion.I'm a systems engineering graduate from the University of Lagos,Nigeria.
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5 Responses to Breaking It Down

  1. Tha_SlimKidd says:

    Nice & Simple…. Way to go girl 😉 😉

  2. Vivian Okoye says:

    Love ur concept. Go girl…

  3. Moruf says:

    Still wannna know more about you sweetie.

  4. chinyere says:

    Nice intro gurl•••we r expectin d big story••cheers

  5. Okwuchi says:

    Heh heh Ehy Jay in the building

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